Document management with analysis tool KnowledgeTrack

Do you need help with document management? Are you interested to find out more about document management? Document management can be very beneficial for your company, saving time and money and more so, enabling you to translate your information into high-quality knowledge and decision-making. KnowledgeTrack does exactly that! We assist companies with document management using the latest Swiss made knowledge technology. Document management helps you improve your knowledge position, making information, which is for 80% already stored as text in organizations, more accessible and available easier. When we say text, we mean information in documents, document collections, intranet, web pages or email. KnowledgeTrack knows these sources contain valuable information and helps you use it more effectively. What is KnowledgeTrack? It is a document analysis tool which makes document management easy for everybody in the company. It recognizes vocabulary from document collections and places them automatically within the context used and then makes cross-references. This creates cohesion between the various documents and gives meaning to the found information. It can then be translated into useful knowledge, in order to make reliable and targeted decisions by you and your staff. A good way to stay ahead of competitors!

KnowledgeTrack creates easy document management

You may think KnowledgeTrack is complicated, but let us explain it is quite the opposite. Document analysis tooling KnowledgeTrack converts unstructured text data into high-quality information. In other words, it traces your existing information and translates it into real-time knowledge. This enables your entire organization to speak the same language. KnowledgeTrack finds coherence of implicit goals from strategic documents and makes them explicit. The explicitly stated policy objectives can then be tested for cross-connections with objectives from operational documentation. Document management in team plans, reports and process descriptions was never used more optimally! The obtained information by KnowledgeTrack can be translated into knowledge for effective decision-making in order to achieve your company goals.

Benefits through document management

Your whole company can benefit from KnowledgeTrack, making decisions quicker, as KnowledgeTrack reads, analyses and connects all available strategic and operational documents for you.  Everybody can manage documents more effectively and perform better. KnowledgeTrack is user-friendly, so high-cost and time-consuming training is not needed. Neither are expensive consultants. The knowledge you need is already in your IT systems, can be accessed easily and is also more in line with the information you need. It provides more knowledge and insight for optimal decision-making. The return of information of your IT systems will increase enormously as a result. Document management with KnowledgeTrack makes your whole organization speak integrally a clear, consistent and coherent language.