Governance software by KnowledgeTrack

Do you need governance software? Do you intent to purchase governance software? KnowledgeTrack is the right partner to equip you with governance software, to improve your knowledge position, enabling you to make decisions quicker and stay ahead of your competitors. Our governance software translates the company information into high-quality knowledge, leading to decision-making. In other words, it traces your existing information and translates it into real-time knowledge. KnowledgeTrack works with the latest Swiss made knowledge technology. Did you know that 80% of the information you need is already stored in text in your company, in documents, document collections, intranet, email and web pages? All those sources contain valuable information, but it is difficult to access and to made available. KnowledgeTrack installs governance software, a document analysis tool, which recognizes vocabulary from document collections. It places them automatically within the context used and then makes cross-references, which in its turn creates cohesion between the various documents. Now you have meaning to the found information, creating useful knowledge, leading to targeted and reliable decision-making.

Governance software leading to knowledge

It is easily explained how the governance software developed by KnowledgeTrack works. The document analysis tool in the governance software basically converts unstructured text data into high quality information. It translates this information into actionable knowledge, which enables your firm to speak the same clear, consistent and coherent language integrally. KnowledgeTrack finds coherence of implicit goals from strategic documents and makes them explicit. The explicitly stated policy objectives can then be tested for cross-connections with objectives from operational documentation in reports, process descriptions and team plans, for example. With information turned into knowledge, you are able to make decisions effectively and achieve your company goals. KnowledgeTrack determines the desired knowledge position, designs the knowledge map and determines the desired knowledge route.

Great benefits through governance software

As the governance software from KnowledgeTrack is user-friendly, directors, data specialists and managers can all use it easily, taking advantage of the great benefits the software offers. Managing will be more effective, decisions can be made quicker and so overall performance improves. There is also no need anymore for expensive, time consuming training and neither are high-priced consultants. Decisions can be made faster because KnowledgeTrack reads, analyses and connects all available strategic and operational documents. Like we stated before, the necessary knowledge is already in your IT systems and can be accessed easier. The information in your IT systems is more in line with the information you need, providing more knowledge and insight for optimal decision making.