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Translate financial information into valuable knowledge

Do you and your organization speak the same language on a strategic and operational level, so you can successfully translate your vision into implementation and thus achieve policy goals? Knowledge management for financials is about developing a coherent governance model which rises the value of knowledge for your organization. To improve the added value of your organization and achieve a higher return on information you learn literally to Translate information into knowledge. Based on a conceptual framework you will learn to recognize the power of mutual language between finance and the enterprise.

The corporate business management has never been so challenging due to the extreme speed of globalization creating very complex dependencies and risks, the availability of huge data and tools to measure the business performance and new kinds of strong trends and risks in areas like customer rights, environmental sensitivity, sustainable business growth and work force trends and preferences. These trends and developments necessitate the establishment of a very strong finance function as well as mastery of the financial principles and decisions by the senior business management. The financial assurance of right business decisions is now part of having ‘’business acumen’’. All the stakeholders including shareholders, investors, employees, customers, etc. now need financially sound and well managed corporations.

With understanding and utilization of the basic financial planning and reporting principles and tools, corporate leadership can better plan and manage the profitability, solvency, efficiency, risk and overall performance of their organizations and thus satisfy the requirements of their key stakeholders. Besides the quality of financial systems and team structure, it is equally critical that all the management, finance teams and all the stakeholders speak same language in terms of financial goals and concepts.Necessary checks and systems should be put in place to ensure the coherence of financial language in all the organizations.

In cooperation with KnowledgeTrack, Swiss Business Institute Sarl will deliver a one-hour free webinar on january 28th, at in advance of a 2 full day live on-line training 

This free webinar will help you to

  • Emphasize the criticality of using the same language in finance
  • Understand basic concepts and terminology of accounting and finance
  • Become familiar with basic financial statements
  • Be able to use analysis tools in evaluating financial performance and investment proposals
  • Better understand financial implications of business decisions
  • Improve and master financial planning process for business

This course is developed to equip non-finance corporate leadership with the required financial concepts, tools and techniques through a model of seminar, pre- and post-training reading and assignments and exercises.

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