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Finance for non Financials III

Role of Finance in Business Management Extreme speed of globalization, availability of huge data and tools and customer rights, environmental sensitivity, sustainable business growth and work force trends and preferences necessitate the establishment of a very strong finance function. Mastery of the financial principles and decisions by the senior business management and financial assurance of […]

Finance for non Financials II

Coherance of Finance Metrics   Can we grow and still be profitable in times of uncertainty? Can we innovate and achieve our financial goals as well? What is actually profit? Is it the same as cash? How can we make our stakeholders happy? By the way, who are the stakeholders? What is our long-term strategy […]

Finance for non financials

Translate financial information into valuable knowledge Do you and your organization speak the same language on a strategic and operational level, so you can successfully translate your vision into implementation and thus achieve policy goals? Knowledge management for financials is about developing a coherent governance model which rises the value of knowledge for your organization. […]